So, yes, I do have quite a few posts on here featuring avocado. However I have decided to make an effort to use more varied ingredients and so, for a while, I’m going to cut back on avocados, my ultimate fallback cooking staple. If nothing else starting a food blog is a good way to find out how balanced your diet is!
I can’t remember the first time I tried an avocado but early memories include eating avocado & prawns on holiday in Spain and guacamole on nachos in tex mex restaurants. As a student a favourite budget meal was pasta with garlic, chilli, olive oil, tomato, avocado & mozzarella.
Now I think I enjoy avocado most for brunch, perhaps simply on sourdough toast with a touch of olive oil, lemon, salt & pepper. Or if I fancy a more sopisticated bacon sandwich; how well it goes with salty, crispy bacon. Of course they do need to be perfectly ripe, many a time I’ve been impatient and used an avocado that was too firm, leading only to dissapointment. But a ripe, soft, creamy, Hass avocado? Pretty much food heaven for me.
But enough of this avocado love, I’m branching out, broadening my horizons! Before I do though, I made a rather tasty dinner of sirloin steak, avocado & roquefort potato cakes and a spicy tomato sauce. I had leftover potatoes so just formed them into little patties with chopped avocado and cubes of roquefort, and pan fried them. I made the sauce from garlic, chilli, paprika and fresh chopped tomatoes, then seared the steak, served on top of the potato cakes, drizzled with the sauce, and finished with some sour cream and more crumbled roquefort.