Burgers: is there another food creation that can vary so wildly from gross to delicious? (there are probably many, I haven’t given this too much thought). At one end the spectrum they are thin, dense, fatty, synthetic; at the other fat, juicy, soft, lightly seasoned beef patties and a joy to eat.
Only since moving to London have I noticed the burger revival that’s going on. I say revival but I’m not sure Britain has ever done the burger particularly well in the past. Now however there’s an abundance of places that do great burgers; not just pubs where there’s a homemade one on the menu but places where the burger is their raison d’être: Hache, Byron, Honest Burgers and Meat Liquor to name a few. And I’m wholeheartedly behind this burger celebration, even if my arteries aren’t.
I made burgers at home this weekend, really simply with good beef mince, salt & pepper, an egg yolk and teaspoon of dijon mustard and ate mine with blue cheese crème fraiche, crispy bacon, courgette fries and tomato. It was delicious, even if I do say do myself (forgive the lack of bun, I would’ve loved to put this in a ciabatta but alas, my stomach can’t take it).
So, how do you like your burger? With cheese and if so what type? Pickle of no pickle? Mustard, mayo or ketchup? And where do you reckon does a great burger?