These little parcels were the result of a failed crumble. I’d attempted a savoury one of butternut squash, tomato, rosemary & goats cheese. I’d thought it would work; it didn’t. The base wasn’t moist enough and together with the breadcrumb & pine nut topping was really quite unpleasant.
I feel guilty wasting food and horribly deflated when something goes wrong in the kitchen, so had to salvage something from my sad looking crumble dish. I reckoned the butternut squash & tomatoes would make a nice filling for the filo pastry I had in the fridge, after a quick blitz in the food processor. A bit of heat seemed fitting, so added a good pinch of cayenne pepper, and as always, cheese. Feta is what I had so feta it was.
Each parcel used about 6 pieces of filo, roughly 7cm square. I don’t really know what I’m doing with filo pastry and couldn’t really be bothered looking up any recipes, so just winged it and hoped for the best. I didn’t lay all the filo squares directly on top of one another, but rotated ever 2nd one, thinking it’d give a nicer parcel shape when I attempted to form them. I put a teaspoon of the butternut puree and a cube of feta in the centre, then brushed round the inside edges of the filo squares with olive oil. I pulled all the edges together to make the purse shape, brushed the outside with more olive oil and sprinkled with cayenne pepper. 20 minutes in the oven at 180 and they were ready. I was really happy with these, particularly with a little pesto & lemon dressing.