I’ve read lots of different tips on how to cook a good roast chicken; I remember one particularly tasty bird at Christmas cooked following a Jamie Oliver recipe. I think secret was to heat some olive oil in a roasting tin in the oven, then add the chicken upside down in the hot oil to cook like this for the first 20 mins or so. The result was gorgeously crisp skin & really juicy meat. A few times I’ve stuffed herb butter between the skin & the meat before cooking, which is good but slightly fiddly if you’re feeling super lazy.
I find this is a good way to get some nice herby flavour in when you’re in said super lazy state, which I am most Sundays, and I like the look of the scored chicken too. I mixed some butter with a good handful of chopped basil and a squeeze of lemon, scored the chicken a few times, seasoned, then rubbed in the butter. The only other thing to do was stuff with a couple of garlic cloves and pop in a hot oven until cooked through & golden brown.
What to serve on the side? Green beans are a classic. I had a marrow* to use up however, so made this into a sort of ratatouille with cherry tomatoes. I thought it was utterly delicious, the buttery marrows much more satisfying than their smaller cousin the courgette. Oh and some potato gratin, because it’s perfect Sunday comfort food.
*The other picture here is a snack I made to use up the remaining marrow; they are large. I fried up the cubed marrow in olive oil with garlic, chilli, oregano & lemon juice then crumbled over some feta cheese and finished with another squeeze of lemon & black pepper. I think I’ll make it again as part of a tapas style meal.