Salmon pink and minty green; now there’s an 1980’s colour palette. While I might not like it for my living room, I love it on a plate. A gorgeous pink salmon fillet on a bed of minted pea puree works so well, both to look at and to taste.
This simple combination was what I had in mind for lunch yesterday when I bought some organic Scottish salmon fillets, lemon, creme fraiche, and mint, convinced as I was of having frozen peas at home. So you can imagine my disappointment when I got back (the nearest food shops are a bit of a walk from our new abode) and discovered we had none. I hate having a certain meal in mind only for it to be scuppered at the last minute. It’s almost as if you can taste your planned feast and then have to readjust your expectant taste buds.
As I mentioned in my last post, something I notice most about Christmas food is the huge amount of meat and tatties consumed, so I was ready for a nice piece of fish; there’s no way I was freezing this salmon for another day. So I improvised, the aim to produce something green & fresh to go with the rich, oily salmon. I boiled some long grain rice, and just before it was ready chucked in a couple of cubes of frozen spinach. I drained this and put to one side, then in the same pan heated a couple of spoonfuls creme fraiche, added a squeeze of lemon, then returned the rice and spinach to the pan, stirring it all together with some chopped mint and tangy crumbled goats, seasoning to taste.
It kinda worked, and I ate it all, but it wasn’t quite the pure, contrasting flavours of salmon, mint and pea I’d hoped for. Ah well, the salmon was delicious. Maybe my New Year’s resolution should be to always keep stocked up on frozen peas....