One of the best things about being on holiday is being able to indulge your greedy side. With less time constraints and the old "but we’re on our holidays!" adage, you can happily spend a week eating and drinking everything you wish, pretty much guilt free. My recent trip home to Glasgow was no different and some of the eating highlights included bacon & blackpudding at breakfast, lovely soft gnocchi with pesto, lemon sole with brown butter, monkfish wrapped in Parma ham, a good breadcrumbed chicken burger with goats cheese & pickles, deep fried whitebait and Nardini’s raspberry ripple icecream. All that along with copious amounts of wine and you can imagine that after a week I was feeling pretty full and slightly jaded.
So when on our final night we wanted something light and inexpensive, we obviously opted for, ahem, fillet steaks. I hadn’t really meant to buy them but we’d passed a nice looking butcher on Byres road and I couldn’t resist a wee look.
Once I had the not so light or inexpensive steaks in my hand, I resolved to try and make them fairly healthy and omitted any of my usual favourite accompaniments such as béarnaise sauce, anchovy butter, chips or dauphinoise potatoes. Instead we ate them with turnip & carrot mash and some broccoli, which with the well-seasoned steaks was pretty satisfying (although I’ll admit I’d have loved a little dish of béarnaise to dip the rare beef in). This certainly won’t be my last post featuring steak however and you can be sure it’ll be more calorie laden next time.