Stew is at once very traditional and pretty versatile. It’s something we probably had at our Grandparent’s (at my Gran’s it was beef stew and dumplings) and many people like to keep stew simple, if it ain’t broke and all that. If you’re a bit more experimental they work with so many different meat/veg/starch/pulses combinations it’s hard to go terribly wrong. I like to jazz up a traditional beef stew a bit and like many things I eat, try to get salty/sharp flavours involved. When out for dinner recently I saw a beef stew on the menu with salsa verde, sounding like something I’d very much like. And indeed it was.
I decided to make it at home with butternut squash & green lentils and it’s a particular combination I’ll definitely be making again. Right at this moment I don’t have time to write down the full process & ingredients but it’s super simple anyway; a beef stew with butternut squash, stewed on the hob for around 2 hours, served with boiled green lentils and green sauce (aka salsa verde, recipes easy to find).