Now, I do love tuna. Tuna steak that is. I love that it’s light and purportedly full of omega 3 fatty acids, yet like a beef steak is best enjoyed cut thick and served rare.
I believed this love to be healthy until I googled tuna recently and the first few links related to endangered tuna and suggesting we stop eating it. I was aware the bluefin tuna was highly endangered and wouldn’t order it in a restaurant, even if i did frequent certain fine dining establishments that offer it. But it turns out it’s not looking terribly good for most of their close relations either. So on that slightly depressing note, here’s a photo of some lovely yellowfin tuna I cooked recently!
Tuna steaks were pan fried for a few minutes each side (actually I like it slightly pinker than this) and served with crushed new potatoes, dill and lemon caper butter. It was tasty. I don’t eat tuna terribly regularly and I’m not about to start. Everything in moderation. It seems we need to moderate our fishing of tuna anyway, along with many other species.